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It is not all about the price, we have all learned the hard way!

How to use the site

  • Find the  company information  in the list -tab above or click here
  • At the foot of the page you will see a link to feedback form & forum for your chosen sector
  • You can email us if you prefer
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What we stand for

  • Poor service can be disruptive and expensive
  • Excellent service from a company can be money, time and sanity saving
  • Demandgoodservice.com will give you a heads up before choosing a company
  • We have done our best to find hidden costs, call centre charges, front line staff training standards, dispute resolution procedures etc.
  • We need your opinions and experiences on our active forum & feedback pages. Together we can be a powerful force for change.
  • Demandgoodservice.com will actively lobby for existing customers to be given the best deals that are often only offered to new customers- we say make loyalty pay!
  • Demandgoodservice.com will give us – the customer- a voice as well as help proactive companies improve their customer retention so is a winning choice for all
  • We will ask for companies to work with us to improve their standards and customer retention
  • We are also very interested in where companies pay their taxes for UK generated income
  • We will not advertise on the site
  • We are hoping to become an essential site to make an informed choice

Thank you, Catherine.


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  • Latest News

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