My name is Catherine Withers and I am a 43 year old mother, work part-time as a fitness instructor.  welcome to my website. I hope demandgoodservice.com provides you with the information you need.I need your experiences to make this website work.

I had the idea for this website after a frustrating episode with two large telephone providers that involved my elderly Mother, sorting out the problems caused by their incompetence became a part-time job for my Mother and myself, and had we not been proactive I am not sure that any resolution would have been achieved to date!

We all know how frustrating, illogical and unhelpful the customer service system can be in large companies. Let’s all pull together and demand change.

There appears to be no force for improvements anywhere online. Let our  voices be heard.

Nothing will change if we do nothing and at demandgoodservice.com I will do my utmost to try to lobby for improvements in customer service and fairness in terms and conditions with the support and information from you.

I will try to build strong consumer relations with companies representing your opinions to enable quick resolutions and highlight common frustrations.

Good companies will adapt and improve retaining our custom and build loyalty. So let’s give this a go!  Catherine.

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  • Latest News

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