Welcome to our banking section- I hope you find the information provided useful. I have where possible given you alternative numbers found which could prove cheaper to call than the number the bank have given.


I am very disappointed that more banks have not produced a customer service charter and are not openly publishing customer satisfaction results, or complaints performance on their websites.

Please banks, let us know what you know, so that you can impress us with how good you are!

Call cost charges are a real issue with banks, many of whom are profiting from 0845, 0870 & 0844 call numbers and not offering 03 alternatives from mobile phones.

I am really shocked that a few banks do not offer lost/stolen card numbers from abroad on their websites- printing the number on the back of the card or sending it out in welcome pack IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, unless you are an uber organised individual who has every angle covered!

Lastly on telephoning the bank to complain, it adds insult to injury to be charged for the call, please give customer complaints a free phone number, even if it is the same call centre staff as customer services.

Recent Customer complaints information is available online, as per FSA rules,  banks must notify of any customer complaints not resolved within the same or next working day- the FCA estimates between 60-80% of complaints are not included in the figures quoted in our banking pages.

I have looked hard at the banking websites and have been very disappointed to find almost non-existent incentives for Business customer retention- there are a few wishy-washy offers that probably cost the bank nothing or very little- how about giving existing  business customers who have held a  bank account with you for five years 3 months free banking? Adding insult to injury is that some business account holders also pay more for their calls than personal account holders with the same bank, how is this fair?

I am impressed that most banks now allocate a contact number for the specialist complaints team for the more complex problems, hooray! The value of having someone to call who knows the history of the problem cannot be underestimated.Where I have detailed customer complaints procedure I have not included the complaint lasting beyond the eight week period and being taken to financial ombudsman, the FSA rules kick in after this time and all banks have to follow the standard code of practise.

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