Personal accounts


  • Customer services 08448 448844 or 08457 212 212
  • Alternative found 0161 829 5860- engaged when we tried.
  • Automated service- YES
  • Time to get to advisor- 1 min for automation process- on hold for before speaking to advisor 7 mins daytime.
  • Uk call centre
  • Branch numbers are available
  • Lost/ stolen  cards- 08448 448 844- no abroad or mobile option. Try 0800 576777 enter nothing and hold for customer services.

Complaint resolution procedure

  • Unresolved complaint – no designated complaints handler, no time specified for contact to be made to compainee.
  • Customer service charter?  NO
  • Customer satisfaction published? YES
  • Existing customer incentives? Exclusive mortgage, tailored products etc.
  • Switching current accounts 7 days

Charges/fees for basic current account- (not including interest charged or specialist services)

  • Minimum monthly funding charges- No
  • Formally arranged overdraft- £20 per annum
  • Informal overdraft- £20 per month, daily service charge £20, £15 per unpaid item
  • £150.00 cap per quarter for charges

Complaints to FCA 01/07/12-31/12/12- 11,027, 94% closed within 8 weeks, 45% upheld (won) by complainees.

  • Switching of current accounts- switching guarantee of 7 days

Business accounts


  • Customer service 08457 213 213


  • Existing customer incentives-No
  • 7 day switching service
  • Business advise offered

Credit cards, Mortgages & Savings

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