Personal accounts


  • Customer service 08457 203 040
  • Alternative number found- 01733 570 883
  • Automated service? YES- 1 minute to get through automation, call connected to advisor immediately
  • UK call centre
  • Facebook: Good for getting attention
  • Lost/ stolen cards- 08457 203 040- International number given upon registering card to be used from abroad and stated on back of card (not on website-so make a detailed note of this before travelling otherwise call fees will be very expensive

Charges/fees for basic current account- (not including interest charged or specialist services)

  • Minimum monthly funding charges-No
  • Arranged overdraft fee- £1 per day up to £1999.99 , £2 per day up to £2999.99, £3 per day £3000.00 or over
  • Unplanned overdraft fees-£5 per day
  • Returned item fee-£10 per item, no more than 3 per day

Complaint resolution procedure

  • Clear complaint procedure listed,  problems unable to be resolved immediately, personal complaints advisor assigned to complaint. Write within 5 working days
  • Complaints number- contacts as above
  • Customer satisfaction – some data on website- aiming to bring complaints down to 1.3 per 1000 accounts
  • Branch numbers available- YES
  • Customer service charter? NO
  • Customer satisfaction published? NO

Complaints to FCA- 1st July- 31st December 2012- 36185, 93% closed within 8 weeks, 64% upheld (won) by complainee. ( Includes Bank of Scotland)

  •  Switching accounts- 7 days
  • Set up of new account- up to  two weeks

Credit cards, Mortgages & Savings

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