Business phone & Broadband

In this day and age  business phone and broadband is essential for smooth running of any size company.

Here are our general findings:

  • Business customer service seem have limited knowledge of their charges.
  • Very few companies printed clear price lists of additional charges you as a customer may incur.
  • Reliability of supply is crucial,   it appears the business sector does not attract extra reassurance from telecoms companies when addressing fault repairs.
  • We are surprised by the lack of compensation mentioned for disruption  or failure of either Broadband or phone lines.
  • Many Business providers charge for speaking to customer services and you will also incur higher costs for phone calls than home phone plans from the same company.
  • Contracts tend to be for far longer than in the residential sector so be very aware of early termination fees.
  • Engineer call out charges are very expensive if you are found to be at fault.
  • There are big variations for an engineer call out dependent on the company you use.
  • BT openreach are the only company allowed to work on the network.
  • The reason given for poor compensation packages and lack of urgency for failures is mostly that the companies have to rely on BT openreach to repair the faults.

We need your feedback to lobby the telecoms business providers to give us Good Service.

Please leave any feedback on our Business Phone and Broadband Suppliers feedback form below as we can gather the information and make approaches to the companies to further improve services offered.

Business Phone and Broadband Providers
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