Premier calls – Business

Business landline


  • Business phone enquiries: 01442 353 040
  • General enquiries line: 01442 353 040
  • Complaints: 01442 353 040
  • Nuisance/ malicious calls:  01442 353 040
  • UK call centres: YES
  • Live webchat: NO
  • Online forum: NO


  • Market share/ number of customers: ~10,000
  • Switching, no detailed steps outlined
  • Average time 12 days to switch
  • Existing customer incentives: NO
  • Minimum 24 month contract
  • Early cancellation charges: YES
  • Special considerations for vunerable and low income customers: Not really only large print etc
  • Customer charter: YES service charter
  • Complaints policy:YES
  • Customer service/ complaints record available: NO
  • Openreach engineers for installation.
  • Must inform Advantage telecom 10 days prior to moving so as not to incur bills from old address.

Compensation for  repair of faults not made when stated/ late installation: Very limited laibility

  • Call divert to other lines or mobiles with NO  payment for extra costs incurred by using a mobile phone, not available for 08, 00, 09, 07 numbers
  • If no call divert can be used will offer customers some line rental credit
  • If Advantage telecom mistakenly cuts off a customer £10 compensation per day
  • Financial loss and mobile call costs etc NO Compensation policy other than considered on a case by case basis
  • Faults: aim to get investigated within 2-3 days, but do not offer a service guarantee

Charges made by Advantage Telecom

  • Returned DD’s £10.00
  • Payment by cheque £4 per month
  • Itemised bills £2 per month
  • Can charge £50 for missing payments and charge £99 re-connection fee
  • Early termination fees £195 + VAT per line plus no refund of any advance service charges or line rental
  • Termination outside of minimum contract must write and send RECORDED delivery 30 days prior
  • Engineer call out charges £20-25 ( if you are found to be at fault) plus any further works undertaken
  • First year rental payable in advance then monthly in advance


  • Upto 24 MG
  • Packages £14.99-19.99 per month
  • Connection £39.99
  • Wired Router £29.99
  • Wireless Router £39.99
  • Compensation of a fixed sum if Premier calls does not keep an appointment, customer must claim this, not listed in price list- in fact there is no price list online
  • Engineer call out- (if you are found to be at fault) unsure but was mentioned £25 by customer service agent
  • £195 early termination fee, plus any charges paid up front (service and line rental charges)
  • Must write giving 30 days notice via recorded delivery to terminate contract
  • Once minimum term has been completed put on a rolling 12 month contract

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