LPG Providers

  • Over 150,000 homes in the UK use a bulk tank LPG supply and this industry has been known to be very cloak and dagger in transparency of prices and contract terms.
  • LPG is used in mainly rural areas.
  • We are urging a change in policy in this sector to give customers real choice & affordability.
  • From legislation in 2009 bulk tanks are transferable from one supplier to another.
  • Domestic contracts run for 2 years.
  • Many companies have introductory offers and may fix prices for 1 year.
  • It is frustrating that most companies do not offer existing customers the best deals.
  • The state of play in the industry is usually switch suppliers as soon as your contract expires or generally you will be paying over the competitors price! This is quite a sad state of affairs.
  • We have seen people being charged (July 2013) from 38ppl to 70ppl.
  • Some companies may not deliver in your area it is worth putting in a search www.uklpg.org
  • Many independent companies do not subscribe to UKLPG association so may be worth ringing around.
  • There are independent ‘brokers’ who may negotiate better prices on your behalf for no charge.
  • Read your contract- price increases are usually frequent (especially during Winter months)
  • Many people have reported being let down with deliveries during the last Winter.
  • Many people have reported excessive lead times for delivery- (up to 6 weeks) resulting in people left without heating for weeks (me being one).

Please leave any feedback on our LPG Suppliers feedback form below as we can gather the information and make approaches to the companies to further improve services offered.

LPG Suppliers
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