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I have included mobile phone insurance offered by the providers in these pages.

wherever possible I have given alternative lower rate phone numbers for contacting customer services very few offer any free phone numbers from landlines.

Good luck finding the information you need remember to contact us if there is anything we need to know or any other areas that are of interest email us on

Well what  a job it is looking through the T & C’s for Mobile contracts, I have found this to possibly be the most difficult sector to date. Here is what we have to say

  • Simplify T & C’s and call charging tariffs. Orange mobile alone have over 100 T & C’s for their plans. Some phone tariffs run into 58 pages and are so difficult to de-code.
  • customer service freephone numbers for Pay as you Go customers. Very few companies offer free customer service call.
  •  Call charges for 08 numbers reduced or included in monthly allowances.
  • Reduce the costs of out of tariff call charges.
  • Let us have your customer satisfaction levels and complaint levels.
  • Companies should take a more responsible role for roaming charges abroad. Cap charges or make it easy for customers to see what they are paying .
  • Tell us where your UK taxable income is being paid. 

Please leave any feedback on our Mobile Phone Supplier feedback form below as we can gather the information and make approaches to the companies to further improve services offered.

Mobile Phone
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