O2 mobile phone pay monthly

  • Customer services 08442 020202
  • Alternatives found 0800 9777337 or 01226 827988
  • Sales from abroad +44 844 8090200
  • Call 202 free from O2 phone
  • Facebook: YES
  • Twitter: YES
  • Forums: YES
  • UK call centres- NOT Exclusively, UK & India


  • Many different plans available from £11.00 per month (24 month contract)
  • Early termination fees: YES must give 30 days notice and fees chargable are no more than monthly charges multiplied by number of months left in minimum period.
  • O2 reserve the right to increase monthly plan charges once within any 12 month period, any charges more than 10% of monthly charges or than RPI may give you the right to terminate the contract and not attract any penalties.
  • No usage limit set on account, however O2 try to monitor usage to control credit risk and exposure to fraudulent usage or unintended charges, but this is not guaranteed. O2 may take measures to restrict usage or bar SIM in these circumstances
  • Phone unlocking charges are not published, must speak to customer services
  • Some phones are locked to network and may never be unlocked
  • Bills are not itemised
  • O2 offer return policy within 7 working days
  • Existing customer offers: Priority moments and tickets
  • O2 promises a ‘fair deal’ where the deals given to new customers are also offered to existing customers
  • Disputes- contact customer services
  • Member of ‘communications’ ombudsman services-0330 4401614

Charges and some basic tariff prices

  • Late payment of bills: Must be paid within 14 days of receipt otherwise may charge 2% interest above HSBC’s base  lending rate
  • Paper bills chargeable
  • Call charges to landlines  & mobiles outside plan 35p per minute
  • 0844, 0870 , 0800, 0845 : 20.4p per minute
  • Data usage bolt on from £5.11 per month for 500mb or daily for £1.02 for 100mb

Pay as you go

  • Customer services: calling 4445 from PAYG handset costs 25p per call
  • Most information is as above excepting you must register handset within any three month period
  • Existing customer incentives: 10% back on top-ups
  • 1 year warranty

Charges for pay as you go

  • Outside plan charges – 25p per text
  • Mobile and landline numbers 35p per minute
  • 0800 15p per minute
  • 0844,0870,0845 25p per minute
  • £3.07 per MB
  • 25p to contact customer services

o2 phone insurance

  • Provided by Altair Assurances
  • Maximum term 5 years
  • Prices range from £6-£12.50 per month
  • Must take insurance up within 28 days of purchase
  • 80% replaced within one day
  • International delivery available for no extra charge for Premier plan, not available for standard
  • Pay as you go customers must register in store
  • Excesses range from £25-£120 depending on plan and number of claims
  • Excludes a third claim within any 12 month period
  • Standard insurance promises repair or replacement with product of similar specification
  • No details in T & C’s about warranty or if new or refurbished mobile
  • Faulty or damaged phone must be returned within 14 days to avoid being charged
  • GREY AREAS -mentioned in exclusions are the following examples-Even though accidental damage is included
  • Theft or loss from a place where the public has easy unrestricted access
  • Leaving the phone on the bonnet or roof of a car

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Information taken from O2 website , live O2 webchats and sales, got cut off from customer services!