Pay Monthly


  • Customer services 0845 412 5000
  •  Alternatives found 0808 1214105 and 0191 501 1900
  • Abroad +44 (0) 7953966150
  •  Free from a T-Mobile phone call 150 
  • UK call centres: YES


  • SIM only plans 30 days- 12 months from £8-£28 per month
  • Pay monthly plans 18-24 months from £7-£62 per month
  • T mobile retain ownership of the SIM
  • Lost or Stolen Equipment. Customer will be liable for any costs incurred before being informed of loss or theft.
  • Early termination: Monthly charge for remaining time left within minimum period, subject to any discounts earned
  • Existing customer incentives:Recommend a friend
  • ‘Full Monty Plan’ No fair usage policy however if you text over 200 different numbers in a month will be deemed to have breeched T & C’s
  • 9 Million UK cutomers ( includes Orange and EE)
  • Facebook: YES
  • Twitter: YES
  • Live webchat: YES
  • Fair usage policy: YES on most plans

Pay monthly and SIM only charges

  • Call charges outside plan- 40p per minute 01,02,03 & mobiles
  • 0800, 0500- 40p per minute
  • 15p per text
  • Voicemail 40p
  • Customer services for SIM only- 25.5p
  • Data 75p per KB until reach daily limit of £1.02 per day
  • Fair usage of 500mb per month
  • Missed/late DD payments £10
  • Non DD payments: £3

Pay as you go

  • Regular monthly top up attract free minutes or texts following month.

 T Mobile insurance- Clone phone

  • Prices from £2- 14 per month
  • Remotely access phone and track phone- not available for all phones
  • With storage add on options
  • Provided by Allianz insurance
  • 24 hour replacement- may take longer bank holidays etc
  • Covered abroad
  • 36 month warranty for electrical or mechanical breakdown ( excluding batteries over 6 months old)
  • Up to 5 years cover
  • Excesses £15-£50
  • Replacement sent only to UK address
  • Must register claim within 7 days of discovery of theft or loss
  • Theft or malicious damage reported to police within 7 days
  • Outside UK must be registered within 30 days or within 7 days of return to UK
  • 0845 412 5000 to report claim
  • Phone replacement will be a refurbished phone
  • No accessories cover
  • Examples of Exclusions – unattended phone where not locked out of site and no signs of forced entry, labour charges for faulty phone where no fault found


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