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Talk mobile pay monthly


  •  Customer services 0870 071 5888
  • Free 5888 from Talk mobile handset
  • Alternative numbers 0800 0494401 or 020 8616 6475
  • UK customer service: YES
  • Facebook: YES
  • Twitter: YES


  • Over 500,000 customers in UK
  • Many different plans available
  • Forum: NO
  • Warranties: 12-24 months
  • Minimum contract plan 12 months
  • Monthly plan costs- form £0- 50 per month
  • Talk mobile do reserve the right to put up plan charges in line with inflation (RPI) doesn’t seem to be restricted to annually though.
  • Customer incentives: None I can see or customer advisor could tell me.
  • May impose credit limit and suspend services if this is exceeded
  • The above is not to be considered as a bar and Talkmobile will sometimes let the credit limit be exceeded
  • Fair usage policy for calls and data
  • Early termination fees, can charge monthly (or any other periodic) charges for remaining minimum period
  • Customer may terminate with no penalties if- service has not been provided for minimum of 7 days days, or price increase of plan exceeds RPI
  • Complaints- Mentions having to write letter or look on website
  • Member of OTELO regulatory body- contact them on
  • Charges and some basic tariff prices (taken from Smartplan £7.50 Data other plans may vary,ironically this plan is now £7.60 due to price increases)
  • Late payment of bills- can charge compensation for losses if DD or payment method is declined + interest
  • Returned DD £5
  • Talk mobile may also impose interest charges of 2% above HSBC base rate on late payments
  • Alternative payment method charged at £3.50
  • Call charges to landlines  & mobiles outside plan 40p per minute
  • 0845 & 0870 30p per minute
  • 0800- 20p per minute (no mention of 0844)
  • Freephone numbers eg 0800 30p per minute
  • 14p per text
  • Data: 10p per MB
  • Voicemail 30p flat rate
  • £10 reconnection fee for tempoarily suspended services
  • Unlimited texts limited to 3000 per any 30 day period
  • Unlimited data subject to 25mb per day

Pay as you go

  • Must make a call within 180 days otherwise service may be suspended

Charges for pay as you go ( SIM only plans)

  • Outside plan charges – Rewards 25p per minute Essentials 8p per minute
  • Texts – Rewards 12p Essentials 4p
  • Voicemail :Rewards 15p Essentials 8p
  • 0845 & 0870: 20p per minute both plans
  • Calling 5888 50p per call
  • Data 25p per MB per day

Talk mobile phone insurance

  • Provided by Supercover insurance Ltd- underwritten by Kiln Lloyds sydicate 510
  • Not guaranteed  same or next day replacement nodelivery period is stipulated in T & C’s
  • No international delivery outlined
  • Plans range from £1.59 upwards per month I phone cover from £5.99
  • Must tell Super cover when new phone purchased
  • Accidental loss additional extra
  • Fraudulent call cover up to £100 included
  • GREY AREAS -mentioned in exclusions are the following examples-Even though accidental damage is included
  • Theft of unattended phone unless locked out of sight and there are signs of forced entry in private vehicle.
  • No cover in commercial vehicles
  • No cover for any loss/ theft from buildings unless forced entry
  • Any claim within 14 days of taking policy
  • Claims 0871 222 1130
  • Must report theft within 12 hours of discovery of theft/ loss to provider and within 24 hours to police
  • Loss of SIM not covered
  • Only one claim for any 12 month period
  • Depreciation calculated at 10% per year maximum 70%
  • Excesses on phones bought for £400 or less- £40 theft/accidental damage, £60 for loss, £75 for claims abroad
  • Excesses on phones bought for £400 or more £75 theft, £100 for loss

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