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Please find in this section some of the leading companies terms & conditions and charges made to customers & some observations

Virgin Media in particular have some staff who are very difficult to understand and do not seem able to deal with simple enquiries

Call charges do vary on home phone lines and dependent on your usage please look into the call charges carefully, I have produced a comparison table for basic home phone packages.

Consider getting 0870 & 0845 included in your call packages, but beware many do not include 0844 numbers and these can be quite expensive when you are left on hold, we have produced a comparison table 

We have been very disappointed by the lack of fault report lines that do not include a cheaper 03 number from mobiles, you will pay up to 41P per minute to ring an 08 number from your mobile, this needs to be changed urgently

BT openreach are the only engineers allowed to work on the network and companies appear to be at the mercy of  their timetables which then leads to very limited compensation offered for disruption of service.

TV packages are another area where there appears to be a lot of frustration, best deals being offered to new customers only and poor customer service when a problem occurs, including billing and being on hold for 30 minutes plus. Could this be due to the popularity of the product or the fact there are only really two main competitors in the market and there is a level of complacency?

We are asking for improved customer service and the best deals to be given to loyal customers.

Please leave any feedback on our Home phone and Broadband feedback form below as we can gather the information and make approaches to the companies to further improve services offered.

Home Phone & Broadband
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