BT- Home

Domestic landline


  • Home phone enquiries, 0800 800 150 or 150 from BT landline.
  • General enquiries line 020 735 65000
  • UK call centres: NOT EXCLUSIVELY- UK and India
  • Nuisance/ malicious call advisors : 0800 661 441
  • Complaints 0800 800 151 or +44 179 359 6931 or 0330 123 4151 for  mobile numbers


  • Market share/ number of customers: ~18 million
  • switching to BT , three easy steps outlined, no guarantees or promises , operational complaints management team.
  • Average time 12 days to switch
  • Average time for new line installation: 14 days.
  • Existing customer incentives: NO
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Early cancellation charges: YES, equal to each months rental left on contract plus days left in month, also may have to pay for equipment supplied at a reduced rate at start of contract.
  • Special considerations for vunerable and low income customers
  • Customer charter: NO, code of practise
  • Complaints policy:YES
  • Customer service/ complaints record available: NO
  • Live webchat: YES
  • Online forum: YES
  • Facebook- YES very good for getting some attention.
  • Openreach engineers for installation.
  • Must inform BT 14 days prior to moving so as not to incur bills from old address.

Compensation for  repair of faults not made when stated/ late installation

  •  Clearly stated in code of practice, however very difficult to find in /terms and exclusions do apply.
  • Call divert to other lines or mobiles with some payment for extra costs incurred by using a mobile phone, not available for 08, 00, 09, 07 numbers and fixed daily allowance.
  • If call divert not available can claim for compensation, very small as it is based on daily rental credit.
  • Financial loss and mobile call costs (on fixed daily allowance) can be claimed for but I cannot easily find the rates etc in terms and conditions. Must request a claim form from BT
  • £10 compensation for missed engineer appointments.

Charges made by BT

  • Late payments £7.50
  • Returned DD’s £10.00
  • Not on monthly plan or DD- £2 per month or £6 per quarter.
  • Engineer call outs -if customer found to be at fault or not present £130.00


  • Minimum 12 month contract ranging from £10-26 per month (plus phone line rental)
  • Charges and details as above
  • £30 cease charge if no migration code is requested
  • £5 charge for every 5 GB over allowance
  • Home hub delivery charges £6.95
  • To receive Sky sports on BT must have 12 months contract or 12 months remaining on contract
  • Can return items with no charges within 10 calendar days of receipt, as long as return equipment in original packaging and following BT’s instructions
  • Cancelling outside minimum contract 30 days notice
  • If switching through an approved process 14 days
  • Moving home 14 days notice required
  • Customer is free to move with no early termination charges if BT introduce changes during minimum term that will adversley affect customers, unless by outside authorities e.g VAT rate increase

TV package charges

  • New sport package available August 2013- must have at least 12 months to run on present contract or sign up for 12 months broadband
  • HDTV £3 per month
  • Must have compatible box ranging from £49-299


  • £49 activation charge, £6.95 delivery for hub, 12 month contract (18 month broadband or infinity)
  • TV essential £5 per month
  • Unlimited £12.50 per month
  • Early termination up to £299.00 charges.


  • As above excepting early termination charges up to £199.00


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