EE Broadband-(Formerly Orange)

 Home Phone with Broadband


  • Sales 0800 953 5816
  • Customer services  0844 873 8586 free from EE landline
  • Alternative found 0800 801080
  • Facebook: YES
  • Twitter: YES
  • Web chat: YES


  • Home phone line rental available- plans range from £24-£44 per month
  • Unlimited BB & fibre BB- no traffic management limitations apart from P2P and news groups weekdays 4.30pm-1am
  • Contract length no contract (30 days) 12 month & 18month- fibre minimum 18 month contract
  • Existing customer incentives: Money off new plans, some reductions in monthly charges etc
  • Upfront annual line rental offer, non-refundable
  • Fibre new customers £50 connection fee
  • Low cost/ other areas, package prices can vary up to £10 per month depending on the area you live
  • New phone line installation if not BT compatible-£60
  • Changing phone line fron non-BT compatible e.g. Sky, Talk talk- Free
  • Connection charges for non standard BB area £30
  • Early termination charge- range from £5.53 -£26.50 per month within contract period
  • 233 pages of call charge rates, very difficult to price
  • Cancellation without requesting a MAC code: £29.07

Typical call charges and fees 

  • No plan that includes all  landline calls 
  • Call charges outside plan: 12.5 connection fee plus 7.5p per minute 01,02 and 03 numbers, mobile calls from 7.2-12.7p per minute
  • Late payment charge: £2
  • Non DD payment method 50p per bill
  • Engineer call out fee if customer found to be liable for call out £102.00

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