Primus home phone

Domestic landline


  • Home phone enquiries 0800 036 3839 or 0207 195 6607
  • UK call centres: YES
  • Facebook: YES


  • Market share/ number of customers: ~ Not available
  • switching: Very little information available
  • Average time / days to switch
  • Average time for new line installation: Not specified
  • Existing customer incentives: YES -refer a friend £20
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Early cancellation charges: YES- up to £75
  • Special considerations for vunerable and low income customers: FEW
  • Complaints: Not available
  • Customer charter: NO
  • Complaints policy: Call customer care, if not happy write to New call telecom. responses within 7 days
  • Customer service/ complaints record available: NO
  • Live webchat: NO
  • Online forum: NO
  • Moving home: Contact Primus, no time frame specified.

Compensation for  repair of faults not made when stated/ late installation

  • Response to faults etc varies on a scale of customer care level purchased by customer- from 4 hours to  24 hours.
  • No compensation policy onlined.

Charges made by Primus

  • Late payment charge- NONE
  • Missed DD charge: Not sure, no details available
  • Paper billing ~ £2
  • Phone line connection: £69


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