Sky Home

Domestic landline


  • Home phone enquiries: 08442 410 499- free from Sky talk landline
  • Alternative numbers found, 0800 0963624 or 020 7126 7020 much cheaper from mobile phone!
  • UK call centres: NO-UK & India
  • Live webchat: YES
  • Online forum: YES
  • Facebook: YES- Good to get some attention


  • O2′s Broadband is Sky’s service
  • Market share/ number of customers: ~10 million
  • switching: Guarantee to switch hassle free and will compensate for any missed or delayed transfer, unfortunately only daily charge for rental service which is next to nothing.
  • Average time / days to switch: Varies- up to 14 days
  • Average time for new line installation: Up to 14 days
  • Existing customer incentives:NO
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Early cancellation charges:YES £3.50 per month for duration of contract.
  • Special considerations for vunerable and low income customers: Some but limited
  • Customer charter: NO
  • Complaints policy: Yes, complaints code
  • Customer service/ complaints record available: NO
  • Moving home: Sky will charge any reasonable costs they incur as a result of you moving house. Must inform Sky on 08442 410 499 prior to house move. These costs are not detailed online
  • NO compensation for missed appointments by engineers
  • Emails can take up to 10 days to be answered

Compensation for  repair of faults not made when stated/ late installation

  • None that I can find, aim to resolve faults within 5 working days

Charges made by Skytalk

  • Sky do not charge late payment fees or missed DD’s but put an active block on services until account cleared.
  • Phone line connection: Additional line £100.00
  • Engineer charges if customer found to be liable for fault £105.00
  • Do not use Sky operator services if you can possibly avoid it and reverse  charging is extortionate. Examples below-

Call reverse charges (including 0800 Reverse) – From UK landline- Minimum charge- £7.35, from payphone and mobiles-minimum charge-£12.30

Dialling 100 operator services from Sky home phone-UK landline or 0870- minimum charge £11.02, to mobile phones minimum charge- £28.39



  • Customer services-08442 411 653- (call centres based in UK and India) free from Sky landline,  but beware you can be on hold for a long time!
  • Alternative numbers found- 020 7126 7020 or 0800 0512592


  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Can take up to 2 weeks to switch
  • Packages vary from Lite- unlimited HDSL or fibre, Sky will move you onto a higher usage package if you go over your usage allowance, umlimited BB is not subject to traffic management
  • If new router is required Sky will not rush this out to you- 3-5 working days expected delivery

Charges made by Sky Broadband

  • Set up fees £25-60 dependent on plan
  • £2.18 router delivery
  • Continuous debit/credit card mandate 50p per month (if used)
  • Early termination charges
  • Upfront line rental offer
  • Customers will get free McAFEE trial for between 3-12 months (plans vary) you will have to tell Sky you do  not want it after trial period otherwise you will be charged £3 per month thereafter
  • Prices when taken with Sky home phone package- free for Lite plan, £7.50 per month unlimited, £20 per month fibre unlimited
  • Compensation  for connection problems from Sky appears to be very limited and often there is none at all, some customers appear to be offered small amounts if they are persistent

Sky TV


  • Customer services- 0844 411 653 only free for Sky customers
  • Alternative landline number- 020 7126 7020


  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Packages range from £21.50-60.50 per month
  • Set up 7-10 days average time
  • Upgrades can be immediate
  • Home move: Clear steps identified, two weeks notice is advisable, it is usually free, however engineers are not insured to enter lofts and some non-standard home moves may incur extra charges
  • Existing customer incentives: very limited, found cinema tickets and prize draws and dependant on Sky plan and recommend a friend
  • Service and maintenance costs are free for first 12 months, after this time if you do not pay for a Sky protect plan an engineer call out charge of £60 will be chargable for any equipment faults
  • 12 months warranty for service and maintanence on equipment

Charges made by Sky TV

  • Early termination charges: Monthly rental charge + daily rate
  • Price increases within contract: Can increase Sky digital charges at any time for stand alone premium channels or extra Sky premium channels
  • Can increase price of plan once only during contract minimum term, this will not be more than 10% or the increase of RPI during past 12 months whichever is greater?? Sky will have to give 31 days notice unless the increase is by a regulatory body eg. VAT increase.
  • Must give 31 days notice to change service if it results in reduced subscription payments plus may charge reasonable administration fees.
  • Sky protect plan after first 12 month contract- sky digi box £5.75 per month or one off payment of £69 per year. Sky + box, or more than 2 boxes etc £8.25 per month or one off payment of £99 per year. If a Sky box requires replacement you will be offered a reconditioned box, not new.
  • Be aware to get acknowledgement of disconnection request and recommend not do it via email as Sky can take up to 10 days to reply or acknowledge an email
  • Do not think you can cancel your service outside of minimum contract and restart trying to get the best deals, you will be treated as a returning customer

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