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Domestic landline


  •  Sales 0800 049 7802
  • Customer services 0870 444 1820 NOT FREE (free from Talk Talk landline, 0203 441 5550 national rate number.
  • UK call centres: NO – mostly based in India, Philippines and South Africa- After being a Talktalk customers for over 7 years I recently spoke to someone in UK- it was great!
  • Complaints. Call 0870 444 1820 (only free from Talk Talk landlines) see our call charge page. Clear steps identified
  • 0870 087 877 to report fault- will be charged if not calling from Talk Talk landline
  • Forum
  • Live webchat


  • Market share/ number of customers:~ 4 million
  • Switching to Talk Talk : Clear steps identified, but no time frame indicated.
  • Average time for new line installation: No clear steps identified and no time frame.
  • Existing customer incentives: NO
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Early cancellation charges: YES
  • Special considerations for vunerable and low income customers: some but limited
  • Nuisance/ malicious call advisors : NO
  • Customer charter: NO, code of practise
  • Complaints policy:YES, Clear steps identified
  • Customer service/ complaints record available: NO- found some old information on website from March 2011: 74% of queries successfully answered in first call 81% calls answered within 30 seconds. 8/10 customers voted call centre staff good or excellent
  • Moving home: May have to set up new account at new address, no guarantees of retaining same phone number and will have to provide customer service with suitable proof of move, if this is not provided customer will be liable for charges eg. remainder of minimum period of phone rental. Also may incur a Homemover fee and a new minimum period. Offering free home mover switch to existing customers.

Compensation for  repair of faults not made when stated/ late installation:

  • Faults, Talk Talk aim to repair a service failure by midnight on the second weekday (not including weekdays or bank holidays) after the day it is reported
  • Compensation/ refunds can be claimed if Talk Talk fail to respond to fault or fix it when arranged. Maximum liability is £500 per line per annum. (exclusions apply) must claim within one month
  • Plan refunds for any day (following the day when reported) without a complete service, equal to one days plan costs. These are credited to bill
  • Call divert used and any costs of calls credited to bill after fault fixed

Charges made by Talk Talk

  • Non DD payments £4.50 per month
  • Returned DD’s £10.00
  • Pressing 3 on 1471: 20p
  • Early termination fee £3 for each month left on contract
  • Engineer call out charges if customer is liable £50


  • Packages quite hard to identify- range from £7-15 per month HDSL
  • Fibre option from £10 -15 per month
  • Homesafe BB security
  • Many T & C’s as above
  • Fees charged for fibre set up and installation £30
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • May be charges for MAC code for customers moving to Talktalk
  • If you wish to move Fibre to new address may incur activation fees again and start new minimum term
  • Customer must agree to possibility of engineer relocation telephone master socket when installing fibre, if this is not allowed by customer charges may be incurred
  • Talktalk will not be responsible for any delay in keeping appointments or re-scheduling appointments
  • May take up to two weeks for speed to stabilise


  • Plus TV 18 month contract new customers
  • 24 month contract existing customers
  • £200 charge for youview box if you leave within minimum contract period
  • Can add other channels for additional charges
  • Pause, record, rewind over 70 channels


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