Virgin media Home

Domestic landline- 


  • Call 150 free from your Virgin media home phone
  • 0845 840 7777 customer services not free from any other provider
  • Alternative’s found 0800 9535353 or 01256 752000
  • UK call centres: No UK & India


  • Market share/ number of customers:~4.2 million
  • switching to Virgin :Clear steps identified, but no time frame indicated.
  • Average time for new line installation: No clear steps identified and no time frame.
  • Existing customer incentives: NO
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Early cancellation charges: YES
  • Special considerations for vunerable and low income customers: some but limited
  • Nuisance/ malicious call advisors : NO
  • Complaints. NO information available
  • Customer charter: NO, code of practise
  • Complaints policy:YES, Clear steps identified.
  • Customer service: I was unlucky with  an overseas advisor and it took about 2 mins to give my address to her, after 26 minutes, I had not one question answered. Facebook do assure customers -who have faced similar language barriers-that the staff are trained to the same standards as UK advisors, which is fine but not the point customers are trying to make.
  • Live webchat: YES
  • Facebook: YES
  • Moving home: Charges may be incurred, but cannot find prices online or have not had question answered via all methods available.

Compensation for  repair of faults not made when stated/ late installation: I do apologise to you all, but I am not able to be totally accurate with the information below as I cannot find and have not been offered any price lists from Virgin Media despite phoning call centre’s and facebook and sending a form back, no one appears to know the information below, but I have trawled through forums etc to get some information.

  • Faults, No specific time period for action/ fault resolution outlined
  • Compensation/ refunds:On a case by case basis
  • Call divert used and any costs of calls credited to bill after fault fixed.
  • Engineer call out where customer’s equipment is at fault or customer not in-£99.00

Charges made by Virgin Phone/Broadband

  • Non DD payments £5  per month
  • Returned DD’s – Think they block service until bill is paid in full.
  • Pressing 3 on 1471: 35p for some others may incur costs of 16.34 p plus standard call connection and pence per minute
  • Early termination fee home phone £4 per month, Broadband £5-20 per month for each remaining month left on contract.
  • Installation charges starts at £49.95
  • Paper bill £1.75 a month
  • Calls to UK landlines if not included in package- connection fee 15.94p plus 9.94p per minute- the most expensive connection charges we have found.
  • Any line rental prepayments will not be refundable after 7 working days after start of contract
  • Moving home: Double monthly bill as payment in advance plus £10 moving fee
  • Transfer of account holder name-£20


  • Customer service 0845 840 7777- not free (see above for alternatives)
  • Only available in Virgin cabled streets
  • Market share/number of customers~ 4 million
  • Catch up not available for every programme, only Virgin media’s pick of the week
  • TIVO £5 per month extra on top of existing TV package
  • TIVO 500GB first box free activation TIVO 1TB box £49.95 activation fee
  • Money back guarantee 28 working days refund of first months rental charges and installation charge, transaction charges only will be charged.
  • Free servicing and repairs for as long as a customer as equipment remains property of Virgin media (excludes misues/mistreatment)
  • Limited offers for existing customers
  • Lots of offers for new customers
  • Early termination fees -£15 per month left on contract

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