Gas and electric costs have incurred eye watering increases  over the past few years and the effect of increased competition in the markets has not always created more clarity for the consumer.

It has become easier to switch supplier which should have led to improvements in customer service standards and more work to retain loyal customers.  Is this happening?

Most customers can be overwhelmed by the complicated nature of tariffs, the government are seeking to address this.

The cynical amongst us may ask why Utility companies have devised such a complicated price structure?

Ofcom produce annual complaints figures for all utility companies which we have produced into a comparison table, remember that this is for complaints not resolved by the end of the next working day, estimated that about 80% of complaints are not recorded as they do not fit into this criteria.

One or two companies use affiliates to market their products- customers who get cash rewards for signing up family and friends, from my research affiliates can be very passionate about their products and we do ask if you are leaving your feedback please be honest and let us know if you do benefit financially from the companies involved.

We are also very interested in where the Tax income from UK bill payers is being paid, there have been some allegations of major utility companies employing legal loopholes to avoid paying their full UK tax liabilities.

Please leave any feedback on our Utilities feedback form below as we can gather the information and make approaches to the companies to further improve services offered.

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