Good Energy

Domestic customers


  • Sales 0845 456 1640
  • Customer services 0845 601 1410,  landline number 01249 766090
  • Live webchat?-NO
  • Facebook: YES
  • Complaints 0845 601 1410, landline number 01249 766090


  • UK call centre-YES
  • Market share/ number of customers available? YES, electricity – 32,000 gas supplies 8,500. Also supports over 46,000 independent green power generators in the UK
  • Existing customer incentives? Yes small discounts and recommend a friend scheme. 100% renewable energy guarantee.
  • Customer service performance available? YES- October 2011- September 2012-
  • Customer complaints? 109 in total for year represents just 0.08% of customer contacts (calls,  emails,letters.)
  • Complaint resolution procedure-Contact customer care centre assurances of well trained staff. If no resolution in initial contact clear steps towards resolution are listed.
  • Customer charter-NO-
  • Switching of Domestic supply-3 weeks for electricity and 4-6 weeks for gas.
  • Uses affiliate scheme so customers can make money for signing people to their tariffs.

Business customers


  • Customer service 0845 6011410


  • UK call centres-YES
  • Market share/number of  Business customers available-NO
  • Existing customer incentives? Yes affiliate scheme.
  • Customer service performance available? as above
  • Live webchat-NO
  • Complaint resolution procedure-Detailed and same contacts as above.
  • Business Customer charter? NO
  • Business Customer complaints performance-Assume included as above.
  • Switching of business supply-3 weeks for electricity, 5 weeks for gas.

2013 ‘Which’ rating results 1st /15 UK energy suppliers based on company satisfaction – including customer service, value for money and accuracy of bills

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