Autonational Rescue

Contact numbers-

  • Sales/joining : 08459 100 345
  • Existing members: 08459 100 345
  • Breakdown numbers: 0800 1000 400 / 0500 999 100 / 01277 720720
  • Complaints number: 08459 100 345
  • Change of vehicle: 01277 235 811
  • Facebook: NO:
  • Twitter: NO
  • Live chat: NO

Cover provided for-

  • Vehicle insured only
  • Existing customer benefits- YES- 25% no claims discount protected if call out only once in any two years, or if additional call out and not arrived within 1 hour.  50% discount on second car in household, and some discounts on car parts and airport parking.

Interesting facts-

  • Basic package with add-on’ s or one super service UK only
  • 12 months policy
  • Pets not mentioned in T & C’s
  • Fair use policy- Vehicle- 25% no claims will be lost if more than 2 claims in two years
  • No age restrictions on vehicle
  • Cancellation- customers are able to cancel their cover at any time but a proportion of premiums (sliding scale) will be retained,  after 8 months no refund.
  • Cover available on cars motorcycle’s over 150cc and caravan and trailers attached to insured vehicles with appropriate policy.
  • Automatic renewal on direct debit policies, Some payment methods do not allow for automatic renewal.

Common complaints and compliments-

  • Very limited as no social media related to site
  • ‘Your money’ best online breakdown provider


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