RAC Breakdown


  • Sales/joining: 08000 722 822
  • Existing members customer services: 0844 891 3111
  • Breakdown number: 0800 197 7815 or 0333 2000 999
  • Battery response: 0800 096 2947
  • RAC accident care: 0800 966 999
  • Complaints number: 0844 891 3111
  • Facebook: YES
  • Twitter: YES
  • Live chat:NO
  • Forum: YES

Existing customer benefits-some but reduced prices for things like airport parking, no loyalty discounts on premiums. many offers for new customers.

Interesting facts

  • Various levels of cover to suit
  • Maximum call outs without incurring additional premiums or restricted: 5-7 dependent on type of cover
  • Pets are discretionary
  • European cover available
  • Toll charges/ ferry charges will be charged to customer
  • Premiums will not be refunded
  • All vehicles to be within size specifications of 3.5 tonnes, 5.5 metres long (7.6 metres caravans)and 2.3 metres wide
  • Continuous annual renewal basis for Direct debit and credit/ debit cards
  • Members have to have at least one year without cover with the RAC to be considered a new member and receive new member discounts, if you do rejoin as a new member within a year RAC reserve the right to cancel cover or charge additional premium

Common complaints and compliments

  •  I cannot see any industry awards on the website
  • Customer complaints on social media some on premiums being increased every renewal, and customers having to haggle with customer services to get these reduced, also about new customers getting much better deals than loyal patrons
  • Many compliments about RAC patrols doing a great job

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