Rescue My car – Vehicle breakdown

Contact numbers-

  • Sales/joining: 0845 203 4700
  • Existing members: 0845 203 4700
  • Breakdown number: 0845 203 4700 or 01423 535 785 from abroad 0044 (0) 1423 535 786
  • Complaints number: write to customer services
  • Facebook: YES
  • Twitter: YES
  • Live chat: NO
  • Forum: NO
  • Existing customer benefits- 1/2 price MOT and discounts on tyres etc. from specified company

Interesting facts-

  • Insure, cars, motorcycles, light vans including motorhomes up to 3.5tonnes
  • Average response times 40 mins
  • Free accident management service
  • caravans and trailers attached to insured vehicle will be recovered ( not exceeding 7 metres length and standard tow hitch)
  • Personal or vehicle cover
  • Fleet cover available
  • Policy upgrades for misfuelling available
  • European cover available only via telephone
  • Will not cover more than £60 for recovery from European motoerways
  • Some policies cover excesses which need to be paid for immediately
  • Must immediately pay for parts or repair if it can be fixed on the roadside
  • Pets are discretionary
  • Maximum of 6 call outs in any 12 month period
  • Maximum age of car 16 years unless classic car over 20 years old
  • 1 hour roadside labour costs covered.
  • Must have available funds on person for certain events even if claimed back at later date
  • £15 cancellation fee if cancelled within first 14 days

Common complaints and compliments-

  • No mention of any awards on website
  • This company appear cheaper than many of it’s competitors
  • 70% ~ customers repaired on the roadside
  • UK based company
  • Social media seems quite quiet


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